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American Beer Day Is An Excuse To Drink; I'm Okay With That

It seems like every day there is another new hashtag of some sort to celebrate a day or challenge to participate in. Without sounding like I have a problem, whenever it involves beer or drinking I'm obviously excited. I love a good reason to throw one back.

American Beer Day celebrates the ales and lagers that are brewed within our borders. According to Brewer's Association, there are 8,386 breweries within the 50 states. Within that 8.3k is large/non-craft, brewpubs, taprooms, regional breweries, and micro-breweries. At one point I thought I'd be able to hit every micro but as the industry grows larger and larger each year, it seems impossible. HOWEVER... I’ll be damned if I don’t try!

I am forever grateful for David Yuengling and the other pioneers of American beer. Thank you to those who brew/market/sell/etc local, American, and great brews which are the reason I'm raising a glass today!

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