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ABA @ Torch & Crown Brewing Co.

It's New York or Nowhere, Torch & Crown knows it. And that's why they are Manhattan's first production brewery. I don't even want to know what their rent is or how they found the space, but I'm glad it's there.

Torch & Crown is in the heart of SOHO at 12 Vandam St. It's next to the Spring St CE and only a short way from the 1 on Houston. We <3 some good public transportation. I rode in from Penn and strutted the 40 minute walk downtown. Humble brag - but I completed the walk in about 25. (I'm allowed to be proud of my city walk and being able to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge through people and traffic alike.)

I went with a gal pal on a day of thrifting, the NYC Flower Festival, and good fun. She isn't a beer person but she got the Original Sin Dry Rose Cider. It was a loooooovely rose gold pink color. She gave is a 10/10 rating. Shoutout to T & C for also offering cocktails for those who aren't the malt and barley type. But that ain't me, I went for a few beers in addition to my sip of her beverage...

First - Stoop Beer. I'm gonna be a tease and not share any information here other than to plug my TikTok. SOOOO click here for the video review!

Second - Power on Display. It's an 8.7% DIPA with pineapple and pear. I love a heavy fruit note and although I didn't get it, it's a solid beer. I've been straying away from IPAs recently so I'm really not sure what came over me but when you have a gut feeling, follow it through.

Last - X-Pert Ambassador. I picked a 6% Fruited Sour to end my make shift flight. Sours are my safe space. X-Pert Ambassador (which I dumbly ordered like it was three words) is packed with mango and pineapple. I got heavier mango notes which is lovely because I’m a fan of the tartness and passion-y vibes of it. I love the juiciness of the brew. pal and I couldn't be drinking all these beers without food to pair with it. Or else we might've been tipsy enough to spend $80 on the ONE vintage tee shirt from Metropolis Vintage. We ordered the pretzel (duh) and friend calamari. I was lowkey underwhelmed by the pretzel as a self proclaimed connoisseur of the salty dough. However, the fried calamari made up for my feelings on the other dish. I LOVEEED THE SAUCE. I don't know what addictive drugs they put in it but I could not get enough of the fried squid or the special sauce that came with it. I'll be back for more...

Torch & Crown - thank you for having me, and thank you for not judging me taking a million photos on your back wall.

You can follow their Instagram here and see their current beer menu here!

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