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A Seasonal Goodbye To Pumpkin Beers

Dear Pumpkin Beers,

I would say I hate to see you go but I'm not a liar. I don't and will never understand the hype. You're a tad overrated. I'm way more excited for the cinnamon sugar rim. Actually, it's 100% of the reason I'll order you at a pub.

I don't know what upsets me more; the fact that most pumpkin ales are sold out come the first week of October or that they all kind of blend together. I give credit to the brewers that put in the work to produce them for us, but I'm sure ya'll secretly don't love making it either.

I admit my distaste for pumpkin comes from it being pushed out of my heart. I could only have room for one fall beer and it's the marshmallow 12%er from The Courtyard Brewery. I've had one pint in July 2019 at the taproom and been dreaming ever since. Until a pumpkin beer can have me dreaming of it months later, it's not gonna do it for me.

Pumpkin beers, just do better and we can try again next year.



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