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3 Reasons I'll Never Homebrew Again

Happy #NationalHomebrewDay! Since 1988, the first Saturday in May celebrates those who choose to labor over creating their own beer instead of going to the distributor to pick up. I've tried the hobby with the help of Craft A Brew, and have enough experience to know it's not a passion that I'm going to pursue. I was worried sick over my brew's progress and the gunk it was forming (which is good) so much so that their Social Media Manager had to step in to help me. I got a message saying "-honestly it pretty hard to screw up a homebrew"...well Kaley, I beg to differ.

In honor of such a celebrated and frustrating holiday, I'm going to list the reasons that I'll never steep grains in my personal kitchen again.

1. Cleaning? No Thank You

I'm not a complete slob but cleaning is not one of my hobbies. I make a huge production out of cleaning any area of the house. I have a playlist; I make it a show. With that said, I don't find fun in it at all. Brewing is 90% sanitation. You screw that up and you shouldn't even bother with the next steps.

2. I Limit My Time In Front Of A Stove

Cooking isn't my thing. I've made it clear that chili from the can, slightly heated, is my favorite meal. I can do mac & cheese or premade meals from Stop & Shop. I like to limit my time in the kitchen and utilize it elsewhere in my day. You think I want to heat water to exactly 170 degrees, or whatever, and watch it like a hawk? I do not.

3. I Can Support Small Business

It's pretty self explanatory. I have two choices; either slave over home-brewing uncertain of the outcome or I could get excited to pick up new releases/support breweries financially and socially. I rather crack open a can with a design by a local artist and drink a beer which contains something like boysenberry. I have zero idea where to even find boysenberry or when it's prime season is but my local head brewer has that down.

They say you can't knock it until you've tried it so that's my justification for this home-brew slander blog. It may not be for me...but it could be for you? Only one way to find out! I do know that the process/struggle I dealt with gave me a new level of respect and appreciate for brewers/cellar-persons/brewery staff everywhere, ya'll are my unsung heros. I'll be raising a locally bought and cold one tonight in honor of those who slave away to make my beer drinking dreams come true. Cheers!

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